Ben Carson and Islam

“Ben Carson at CPAC 2015” by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons-Wikimedia 2015

One of the current presidential candidates, Ben Carson, was recently asked whether he believes Islam is consistent with the U.S. Constitution: “No, I do not. I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation” (Sanders, 2015). As one would expect in the current PC climate of the nation, considerable negative reactions were generated. It seems surreal that so many Americans could be so adamantly ignorant of both history and the teachings of the Quran as they naively defend, support, and even encourage the spread of Islam in America via the construction of mosques and introducing public school students to its tenets.

Yet, the Quran is forthright and unmistakable in its declarations concerning the violent nature of Islam as well as the inferior status of women—two things the left absolutely detest. The reader is urged to secure a reputable English translation of the Quran, and read the verses identified in the following articles on the A.P. Web site:

“Does ISIS Represent True Islam?

“Violence and the Quran”

“Husband and Wife in the Quran”

“Polygamy and the Quran”

What’s more, the Founders of the United States of America were very plain about their recognition of the threat that Islam poses to freedom and the principles on which they established the Republic. Please read the following historical documentation:

“Islam and Early America”

“Were the Founding Fathers ‘Tolerant’ of Islam? [Part I]”

“Were the Founding Fathers ‘Tolerant’ of Islam? [Part II]”


“Founding Father Elias Boudinot on Islam”

“John Quincy Adams on Islam”

“The Treaty of Tripoli and America’s Founders”

“What Good Things Can You Say About Islam?”


Sanders, Sam (2015), “Ben Carson Wouldn’t Vote For A Muslim President; He’s Not Alone,” NPR, September 21,


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