Beauty Everywhere

From Issue: Discovery 7/1/2018

Sometimes we even see beauty in the next room. Does a beautiful mother tuck you in at night and make your breakfast in the morning?

Beauty is not only found in God’s animals and humans. It is also found in other living things He created—the plants around us. We need plants to survive, since the oxygen we breathe comes from plants. So God made sure that there are a lot of plants on the planet. But with plants, once again, God showed His love for us in another way. From the emerald green fields of Ireland to the rustic, Fall tree colors of Tennessee, beauty in the plant kingdom is everywhere.

Where do plants get their pretty colors? As with so many of the colors we see in God’s creation, pigments give them their beautiful colors. Chlorophyll (KLOR-oh-fill) is the pigment for green in plants, and other pigments add red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, and orange to the plant “painting.”

On our list of the most beautiful plants on the planet, different species of flowers probably make the list more than any other kinds of plants. Cherry Blossoms in full bloom, Birds of Paradise flowers, Bleeding Hearts, and Water Lilies are all breathtaking to see.

Cherry Blossoms Bleeding Heart Water Lily Birds of Paradise


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