Be Ready Before it Happens

From Issue: Discovery 5/1/2002

After learning about tornados, and how destructive they can be, many of us want to know what steps we can take to keep from being injured during a twister. It is good to think about tornado safety in advance, since many times you only have a few seconds before a tornado hits to make life and death decisions. Being prepared for a tornado is very important.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has provided a list of important things to do in order to prepare for a tornado. For instance, every family should designate a certain area in their home as the shelter. This shelter should be a basement, storm cellar, or the lowest level in the house. If there is no basement, then an interior room without windows (such as a bathroom or closet) should be the shelter. During tornado season, families should practice having tornado drills where all the members meet at the shelter. In the shelter there should be some necessary supplies on hand. These supplies should include: flashlight with extra batteries; portable, battery-operated radio; emergency food and water; first aid kit, and other such things. Having detailed tornado safety plans could save your life, and the lives of others.

In a similar way, it is important to be prepared for temptation long before it ever comes. In the book of Daniel, the Bible tells us that Daniel “purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself” (Daniel 1:8). He had made plans to do right, long before he was faced with the temptation to sin. When the temptation did come, Daniel followed through with the plan that was purposed in his heart. Because of his preparation beforehand, he did not sin. What do you think might have happened if he had not made plans to fight temptation?

We need to do the same thing that Daniel did. If we wait until temptation comes, it might be too late. We need to spend lots of time studying and praying so that when temptation does comes, it will not catch us by surprise.

Being prepared for physical storms like tornados is very important and may save physical lives. But being prepared for temptation is even more important because it could save your spiritual life.

See for more tornado safety tips.

See the Bible for more spiritual safety tips.


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