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Discovery Magazine 2/1/2002

Were all the continents connected at one time?

by  Digger Doug

Dear Will,

Since I spend much of my time just beneath the Earth’s surface digging for worms, I would consider myself an expert in the field of geology (remember that geology is the study of the Earth). Although I don’t burrow too far below the surface of the Earth, I’ve smelled, touched, and tasted more kinds of soil than most humans ever will. I must admit, however, I cannot give you a definite answer to your question. No one knows for sure if the seven continents of the Earth were ever connected. However, geologists have found the same kinds of fossils and rocks on neighboring continents (like South America and Africa). Also, there does seem to be a nice fit between the continents on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. If you place North America and South America on a map next to Europe and Africa, then “squeeze” the other continents together, it appears as if they could have fit together nicely at one time in the past.

We cannot be sure whether the continents once fit together and then separated. But we can be certain that if they did drift apart, it did not take millions or billions of years like evolutionists want us to believe. God could have separated the continents during the Creation week only a few thousand years ago. Or, the land may have begun to separate during or immediately after the worldwide Flood of Noah’s day. The fact is, we simply don’t know.

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