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Reason and Revelation Volume 30 #3

What Killed the Dinosaurs?


What killed the dinosaurs?


That question has been asked thousands of times, with just about as many different answers given. Due to the fascinating nature of dinosaurs, the media is replete with stories about dinosaur fossils and extinction theories. One of the latest reports comes from Zhucheng, China. About 415 miles southeast of Beijing, a huge 980-foot ravine filled with over 15,000 dinosaur bones is believed to be the largest single repository of dinosaur fossils in the world (Cha, 2010).

What would have caused so many dinosaurs to be buried rapidly in one place? The chief technician at the site stated: “It’s very hard to understand why there are so many dinosaurs dead in one place” (2010). The researchers theorize that “the dinosaurs were killed by the force of an explosion from a volcanic eruption or a meteor impact and then were caught in a flash flood, landslide or even a tsunami that threw them together” (2010, emp. added).

As with almost every large fossil discovery in the world, scientists believe that huge amounts of water caused the fossilization at Zhucheng (see Butt and Lyons, 2008). What historic event could best account for massive amounts of water across the globe burying hundreds of thousands of dinosaurs, and jumbling them together in huge ravines and crevices? The global Flood of Noah’s day fits the evidence perfectly (2008). Not only does the Flood provide the water necessary, but the Bible also states that the fountains of the deep “were broken up” (Genesis 7:11). This “breaking up” was most likely massive crustal movements of the Earth’s plates, which would have caused volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and colossal tsunamis. The more scientists uncover dinosaur fossils, the more the global Flood of Noah looks like the perfect way to explain their formation.


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