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Reason and Revelation Volume 29 #3

Pillars of Faith DVD Series Completed

Some time ago, we at Apologetics Press committed ourselves to producing more DVD resources for both adults and children, due to the fact that many Americans have upgraded to these ever-improving forms of electronic media. Accordingly, we began work on the development of the Pillars of Faith series for adults. The first two offerings in the series were released last year. The first pillar, Truth Be Told, sub-titled “A Seminar Exposing the Myth of Evolution,” contains six live presentations of the cutting-edge information that Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons provide in the seminars that they conduct around the country. Designed to examine the Creation/Evolution controversy in light of reason and revelation, these sessions present evidence that refutes evolution, defends Creation, and explains how dinosaurs fit into the biblical framework.

The second pillar was modeled after A.P.’s outstanding book, Behold! The Lamb of God, which presents a well-documented, persuasive case for the historicity, deity, and uniqueness of Jesus Christ. This disc contains a total of six sessions of approximately 38 minutes each, with the following lesson titles: “The Historicity of Jesus,” “The Uniqueness of Christ,” “The Predicted Messiah,” “The Resurrection of Christ,” “Answering Christ’s Critics,” and “Was Jesus Really God?”

The third and final pillar has now been completed and is titled: “Is the Bible From God?” sub-titled “A Seminar that Examines the Inspiration and Reliability of the Bible.” The six lessons are titled: “The Bible and Science,” “The Bible and Prophecy,” “The Bible and Archaeology,” “Is the Bible Reliable?” “Scripture Cannot be Broken,” and “Hearing God in the 21st Century.” This DVD is sorely needed in a culture that has expanded its assault on the inspiration and authority of God’s Word. The people of our country and the world desperately need to face the proof for the divine authenticity of the Bible.

The Pillars of Faith series are evangelistic tools that serve as an excellent means to reach friends, neighbors, and co-workers with truth that will affect their eternal destiny. These DVDs are extremely inexpensive when purchased in bulk quantities (see the center spread for pricing). Please secure your copies, view these presentations, and share them with the people in your life.

Also, please be advised that Apologetics Press recently set up an A.P. group page on the social-networking Web site If you are a member of Facebook, we would like to invite you to join the group. A.P. group members are often the first to learn of A.P. news, including speaking engagements, book releases, and more. On our group page, you also can post comments and questions, stay in touch with A.P. staff, and meet hundreds of individuals interested in defending New Testament Christianity. We believe Facebook can be an excellent tool to enhance evangelistic efforts.

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