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Reason and Revelation Volume 37 #4

AP Tracts

Of the host of evangelistic products available from Apologetics Press, our collection of tracts has become a popular and effective way to teach people God’s Word. We have two separate lines of children’s tracts as well as a large variety of tracts for adults that discuss a wide array of interesting and vital topics.

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For children, we have “The Truth About…” series that includes such critical subjects as the truth about the Bible and Science, the Evolution of Man, the Age of the Earth, Evolutionary Hoaxes, the Accuracy of the Bible, the Big Bang, Dinosaurs, and more. We also have a line of “Morality” tracts for kids that include such topics as Bragging, Homosexuality, Jealousy, Lying, Stealing, Jealousy, and more. 

For adults, we have a great many tracts on relevant themes and issues of our day, including Reasons Racism is Ridiculous, Are the Resurrection Accounts Contradictory?, Behemoth, the Bible’s Teaching on Baptism, the Inspiration of the Bible, Euthanasia, How Can a Loving God Punish People Eternally?, Human Cloning, God’s Existence, and many more.

Tracts have the advantage of addressing a specific topic in a brief, succinct format. Whereas many people may not be willing to sit down and read a book, they are more likely to be willing to read a tract. AP tracts are attractive and offer a provocative title that peaks interest.

Have you considered acquiring a supply of AP tracts, placing them in your car, and taking one into every restaurant where you eat and leaving it with your bill on the table for the server or other employee to find? Or you can include a tract in the envelope with every bill that you pay. You can even leave them in doctors’ offices, airplane seat pockets, and on the seats of stadiums and auditoriums. You never know who might pick one up and read it. Tracts are also great teaching tools for children who might otherwise be overwhelmed by a book.

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