AP Seminars

From Issue: R&R – February 2023

With the onset of this new year, and the COVID threat subsiding, hosting an Apologetics Press weekend seminar becomes increasingly viable for churches, schools, and other organizations. Our fulltime speaking staff specializes in a number of pertinent themes that are designed to build faith in God and confidence in His Word. We offer seminars on Creation vs. Evolution; Is the Bible from God?; Islam & the Quran; The Historicity and Deity of Christ; The Silencing of God; America’s Most Pressing Concern; Can We Know that God Exists?; Evolution is Unscientific; The Bible, Science, and the Age of the Earth; Dinosaurs; The End Times; Why People Suffer; God & Government; A Trip Through the Bible; America’s Spiritual Cancer; Confronting Cultural Confusion; A Closer Look at Christ; Scripture, Science, and Common Sense: 3 Votes for God; Change & the Church; Has the Bible Been Corrupted?; Answering Atheism; and other important topics.

Such seminars provide an opportunity for the local congregation to reach out to the surrounding community and encourage them to consider the validity of the New Testament Church and the exclusivity of Christianity. Live presentations are often more intriguing to those who are giving consideration to their spiritual condition. You might consider hosting such an event this year.

For information regarding AP seminars please contact us via email: [email protected].


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