A.P. Seminar Speakers

From Issue: R&R – May 2011

Apologetics Press has developed a multi-pronged approach to evangelism and the defense of the Faith. This outreach includes the publication of printed materials (books, tracts, correspondence courses, pamphlets, etc.), the production of multimedia (DVDs, MP3s, etc.), and harnessing the Internet by means of our state of the art Web site. All of these avenues of evangelism are designed to achieve the same objective: save souls. Apologetics Press does not exist to make money. Rather, we earnestly, sincerely, and passionately seek only to assist men, women, and children in preparing their souls for eternity. We only want to provide them with helpful, effective means by which they can know the truth about the critical issues they are facing in current culture.

An additional tool that A.P. incorporates into its multi-faceted assault on Satan is the live seminar. God has blessed this organization with the accumulation of several talented men who are well-prepared to stand before audiences and defend the Christian Faith in an effective manner. These men have prepared themselves academically and spiritually to represent God’s Word accurately, while debunking the popular propaganda that enshrouds much of society. They are equipped to effectively refute the false theories of evolution, atheism, skepticism, and agnosticism. They are able to deflect the attempts to convict the Bible of inaccuracy and contradiction. They can uphold the deity of Christ and counteract false religions (like Islam) that deny that deity. They can fight secularism and the culture war, demonstrating the Founders’ intention that America must retain its initial attachment to Christian principles if it is to survive.

The center spread of this month’s issue of R&R provides a listing of these speakers and the subjects they address in their seminars. Remember that Apologetics Press exists to serve. If any of these men may be of service, do not hesitate to call A.P. and schedule a seminar.


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