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From Issue: R&R – May 2010

Many are those who insist that modern science and the Bible contradict each other. Atheists and evolutionists have long alleged that the God of the Bible does not exist, that the Universe was most certainly not created in six days, nor were the first human beings created by the Creator on the sixth day of Creation week. They scoff at the Bible’s report of the worldwide Flood of Noah’s day, insisting that the Bible is a book of fables authored by primitive men in antiquity. As a result, they maintain that it contains many scientific blunders, and that its claim to supernatural inspiration has been thoroughly discredited by the scientific community. For over 30 years, Apologetics Press has devoted itself to challenging these allegations by providing sound, logical evidence that demonstrates the existence of God and the divine origin of the Bible. Indeed, since its inception, A.P. has sought to provide the public with scientifically accurate materials that defend the truthfulness of New Testament Christianity.

In keeping with this prime directive, we have endeavored to assemble a select group of faithful Christians who hold accredited, advanced degrees in the sciences. Is it possible for a person to earn a science degree from an accredited educational institution, to master genuine principles of scientific inquiry, thereby becoming qualified as a legitimate practitioner of “science,” and still retain belief in God, the Bible, and Christianity? Absolutely. Can that individual then present scientific data that discredits both evolution and atheism? Most certainly. A person can attain the highest standards of academic achievement—equal to the world’s most renowned atheists, skeptics, and evolutionists—and yet maintain the conviction that God exists, that He has communicated to us via the Bible, and the Bible’s depiction of reality is accurate.

A.P. has been blessed with several scientists who are well qualified to speak and write concerning the interpenetration of science and the Bible. Their scholarly articles appear regularly on A.P.’s Web site as well as in A.P.’s flagship publication. See the center spread of this issue of R&R for pictures and brief bios of these outstanding scientists. Visit our Web site for more detailed information on each of our scientists, as well as our other staff writers:


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