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From Issue: R&R – March 2016

Apologetics Press has existed for over 35 years for the purpose of producing materials that assist in waging the culture war that is upon us. We began with a primary emphasis on combatting atheism, skepticism, and evolution. This focus included demonstrating the existence of God, the inspiration of the Bible, the validity of the Bible account of Creation, and the falsity and unscientific nature of atheism and evolution. As atheism and evolution have taken their toll on American civilization, our outreach has gradually expanded to include a host of additional subjects including the following:

  • Ethical issues facing our society (e.g., cloning, euthanasia, abortion, homosexuality, end-of-life decisions, etc.)
  • Dinosaurs—the icon of evolution
  • Design in the Universe
  • The accurate transmission of the Bible
  • The reliability of the Bible
  • The challenge of world religions like Islam
  • Doctrinal confusion that exists within Christendom
  • The assault on the Christian values and moral principles of America that hark back to the founding of the country

In addition to addressing this multitude of topics, we have also expanded our outreach by developing materials for all ages. We have specifically sought to provide “something for everyone”—from babies to adults. We have likewise endeavored to provide these materials in a variety of formats—including CDs, DVDs, tracts, books, articles, curriculum development, and even VBS programs. We have developed a state-of-the-art Web site through which these materials can be made available—much of the content for free.

AP does not exist to make money. Being a nonprofit organization, our sole purpose is to develop soul-enriching materials that will enable an individual to live life in view of God and eternity. These materials can be helpful to you and your loved ones. Why not take advantage of them today?


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