A.P. Posters and Shirts Spark Important Discussions

Having trouble starting conversations that are spiritual and evangelistic in nature? You’re not alone. Why not try something that will cause others to come to you to discuss biblical matters?

Recently, one of our Apologetics Press speakers spoke at a weekend seminar where he was approached by a gentleman after one of the sessions. The individual mentioned how amazed he was at the number of Bible discussions that had been generated with individuals who had come into his office at work. What was the catalyst? He simply placed one of the A.P. dinosaur posters on the wall of his office. What individual, raised in the public school system over the last 50 years, with an erroneous, evolutionary view of dinosaurs and history, would not be intrigued by such pictures? Who would not be curious enough to ask questions that inevitably lead to the Bible—the source through which we receive invaluable information that can save our souls?

While the posters work great in kids’ bedrooms and Bible classrooms, don’t forget that the posters were designed to work effectively in “adult” venues as well, from offices to dining rooms, living rooms, and entry ways. We have just released the fourth poster in the series: “Runaway Ben” (by Lewis Lavoie). If you haven’t considered framing these beautiful pieces and hanging them in visible places, please do so today.

Other tools at your disposal that could spark conversation are the new A.P. T-shirts. Humorous “Digger Doug” and “Iggie” T-shirts are available for kids, and “Always Be Ready” and “Defend the Faith” T-shirts are available for teens and adults. They work great as gifts! To view our posters and T-shirts, visit our Web store:


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