A.P. in the Thick of It

From Issue: R&R Volume 27 #1

Those of us at Apologetics Press reflect on the history of A.P. and see God’s providential hand at work. For over 27 years, God has supplied the necessary resources for A.P. to defend New Testament Christianity in a host of arenas. Now more than ever, the materials we produce are vital resources that need to be spread far and wide. We have worked diligently to ensure that our materials are scientifically and biblically accurate, as well as professionally designed and produced. Our materials can be placed alongside the best the evolutionists have to offer—and not only hold their own, but outshine them. If you are familiar with our materials, you know this claim to be true.

But materials like ours do not magically get into the hands of those who need them. And they do no one any good sitting on a shelf or untapped on the Web. It takes hard work to get our materials where they need to go. It takes promotion, money, and the desire to help our world see the truth about creation and evolution. We are thankful that many courageous men and women have seen the need to support our work, distribute out materials, and promote our resources.

We are confident that many of you see that a battle is waging. You understand that militant evolutionists are trying to eradicate creation from schools, libraries, and other educational institutions. You know something needs to be done. But what? Admittedly, we do not have all the answers to this question, but we can give you some examples of what others have done through A.P.

Discovery Mass Mailing

Our monthly children’s journal, Discovery, goes out to about 8,000 kids every month. In September of last, year we published an issue of the journal dealing with the Bible’s stance on homosexuality. One of our adult readers received her copy of the journal and was thrilled with the information in the September issue. She called us to learn how to mail copies to the homes in her area. With the help of several congregations, she and her husband financed the printing and mailing of 8,000 copies of Discovery to homes with children in their area. Apologetics Press did not solicit her support. She simply saw a need and wanted to do something. Since that first mailing, she was given special pricing enabling her to order 100 Dinosaurs Unleashed for school children in her area. Have you seen an issue of Discovery that you would like to see in the hands of kids in your area? We would be more than happy to assist you with a direct mailing to kids where you live. We believe you would be surprised at how inexpensively this objective can be achieved.

Our Materials At School

Since much of our material deals with pressing cultural issues, many of our resources have been used to combat the spread of evolution, atheism, and erosion of biblical values. Referring to our “Truth About” children’s tracts series, Chris, a youth worker in Waverly, Tennessee, wrote:

The “Truth About…” series has been extremely popular with our kids and community. In fact, copies of the tracts have been allowed in our local school system to be used for a Christian perspective on science and evolution. Word has spread about the tracts and our congregation has received many requests for them.

Students across the country who come in contact with A.P. materials are being built up in their belief in God. Sarah, a student who attended a Christian Evidence Seminar presented by an Apologetics Press speaker in Dexter, Missouri, wrote:

One of the books that I bought was Truth Be Told: Exposing the Myth of Evolution. I showed this book to my science teacher one day (after I’d already read it) to tell her what I think about evolution. She brought the book back the next day and asked me where I got this book. I told her about Apologetics Press. She’s amazed by the facts…. She told my class about this book and now all of my friends want to read this book!

What Can You Do?

Perhaps you are asking, “What can I do in the ongoing battle between Christianity and evolution?” You could donate A.P. materials to your local libraries, give them away to children in schools, or mail them to friends and neighbors. Or you could place A.P. radio spots on your local radio station. The sky is the limit. We are more than willing to work with anyone on pricing issues so that these solid resources can be placed in the hands of those who desperately need them. What can you do? In short, you can SUPPORT A.P. with your money, your prayers, and your influence!


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