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Since 2001, AP has devoted attention to developing correspondence courses that can be used in evangelism, prison work, and the education of both adults and youth. We have three such courses, consisting of introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The introductory-level course was written in an everyday vocabulary that appeals to young people, as well as to those who are incarcerated. The 10 lessons cover the following topics: causes of unbelief; the existence of God (three parts, dealing with cause and effect, design, and morality); creation vs. evolution (two parts); a general introduction to the Bible; the inspiration of the Bible; what God expects of me (the Gospel plan of salvation); and the uniqueness and singularity of Christ’s church.

The intermediate-level course has been designed for the student who already has completed the first course, or for someone who simply wants to pursue a somewhat more in-depth study. The 10 lessons in the series include discussions on: faith and knowledge (two parts); how man is made in the image and likeness of God; Jesus Christ—Lord and Savior; Satan—his origin and mission; the problem of evil, pain, and suffering; the destiny of the soul; and creation and evolution (two parts).

The advanced-level course picks up where the introductory-and intermediate-level courses left off, challenging the student to “dig a little deeper” into the biblical and scientific matters with which these lessons deal. It presents in-depth discussions of the creation/evolution controversy (including topics such as intelligent design, the historical nature of Genesis 1-11, the Noahic Flood, the geologic timetable, the age of the Earth, and dinosaurs), the origin of human “races,” human cloning, abortion, the fate of those who have never heard the Gospel, and God’s view of an alien sinner’s prayer.

All of the courses have 10, eight-page lessons, printed in full color on enameled paper in easy-to-read typestyle, and contain professional artwork. Each is accompanied by study exercises for the student to complete, printed in black ink on high-quality bond paper that allows for greater ease of writing (using a perforated sheet in the middle of the lesson so that upon completion, the student may hand them in for grading). [Each sheet has a place for the student’s name and address (for mailing purposes), and is designed to be returned to the person or group that purchased the course, rather than to the offices of Apologetics Press.] Sets containing all 10 lessons are shrink-wrapped, and contain a separate answer sheet for the teacher’s use. To order with a credit card (or for invoicing to churches), call us toll free at (800) 234-8558.


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