A.P. Has Something for Everyone

From Issue: R&R Volume 29 #12

This is the time of year when many turn their attention toward gift giving. Please consider the value of giving Apologetics Press products as gifts. A.P. literally has something for everyone. Our Creation Cards are designed for infants. Our Bible story rhyming books are for ages 2 to 5 and include: A Patient Man From Uz, A Man Who Loved Money, and A Son Who Ran Away. We have three levels of reader books that span the ages of 3 to 9—the Learn to Read series (ages 3-6), the Early Reader series (ages 6-8), and the newly released Advanced Reader series (ages 7-9). Our Explorer series (Journeys 1-3) are for 3rd to 6th grades, as is our extremely popular Dinosaurs Unleashed. And don’t forget our children’s magazine Discovery that is loaded with exciting information and activities. We have a Dinosaur Coloring book in both English and Spanish. We also have more specialized children’s books, like Am I Ready To Be Baptized? and How Do You Know the Bible is From God? The latter volume reassures young people regarding the accuracy of the Bible as it has been transmitted down through the centuries.

We also have two outstanding series of tracts for young people on a variety of subjects, including moral issues typically encountered in youth. Episodes of our acclaimed children’s television program, Digger Doug’s Underground, have been preserved on DVDs. Every child ought to be exposed to the tremendous content conveyed in these attention-holding, 30-minute programs. Our Web site provides those who home school their children with a breakdown of A.P. products that fill curriculum requirements.

The resources developed for adult minds are extensive and equally worthwhile. Our flagship book on Christian Evidences is titled Surveying the Evidence. Numerous other books discuss the most pressing issues facing society—from evolution to the age of the Earth to the inspiration of the Bible. The Dinosaur Delusion is a masterful, adult-level book that dashes the evolutionists’ claim that humans and dinosaurs never coexisted. The Silencing of God book and DVD are timely culture war resources. A subscription to our flagship magazine Reason & Revelation would make an excellent gift for a friend, fellow employee, or family member. And the list goes on.

Please visit our Web site,, or call our toll free number to request a catalog (800-234-8558). All A.P. products are priced well below market prices—for the sole reason that we desire to get our materials into the hands of those who need them most. Please consider furthering the kingdom by giving A.P. products this year.


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