A.P. Bound Volumes for a New Year

From Issue: R&R Volume 27 #1

The 2006 bound volumes of our two monthly magazines are now complete and ready for shipment from our Montgomery offices. These volumes enable the articles contained therein to remain relevant far beyond the time period during which they were authored. The bound volume of Reason & Revelation for 2006 contains articles on such topics as: the intelligent design of the human respiratory, digestive, and muscular systems; America, Christianity, and the Culture War; Answering Christ’s Critics; The Predicted Messiah; Reasoning About the Resurrection of Christ; Scientific Foreknowledge and Medical Acumen of the Bible; Tyre in Prophecy; and “The Very Works that I Do Bear Witness of Me” (proofs for the deity of Christ). As always, this beautifully bound annual collation contains all twelve issues for the year, as well as an author/title index and an attractive cover. The bound volume sells for $10. Previous volumes from 1995-2005 are still available at $5 each. See the advertisement in the Resources section of this issue for further details.

Additionally, the 2006 bound volume of Discovery, our monthly magazine on Scripture and science for children, now is available for $12. During 2006, Discovery contained articles on such timely topics as: Geology; the Church—God’s Kingdom; the Value of Human Life (including articles on abortion, human cloning, and stem cell research); the Story of Job; ants; the Laws of Thermodynamics; Rocks and Gems; A Trip to Washington, D.C.; homosexuality; the National Museum of Natural History; snakes; the divine design of the five senses; and many others. Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons serve as the editor and associate editor of Discovery, respectively, and do a marvelous job in ensuring that the content throughout the year is varied so that children receive well-rounded instruction. We also have in stock bound volumes for 1998-2005.

Please be aware that for both Discovery and Reason & Revelation, whenever the bound volumes go out of print, they are gone forever; we do not reprint them. So be sure to order your copies soon.

Bound volumes of Reason & Revelation and Discovery make extremely useful additions to personal, church, or school libraries. They also make valuable gifts for youngsters, men who are attending a preacher-training school, or students in college (especially those majoring in either Bible or science-related fields). Why not consider giving a single volume (or, better yet, an entire set) to someone for their future study and edification?


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