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From Issue: R&R – July 2015

These days, Americans are able to access information through a multitude of media and electronic devices. One popular medium that continues to retain its usefulness and popularity is the CD. Particularly popular is the use of CDs in automobiles. Many are those who listen to CDs while driving their car to work or traveling across the country on vacation or business trips. This avenue of information reception is certainly an effective use of one’s time—especially if the CD provides soul-enriching, spiritually nourishing content that develops and feeds the soul.

For over 35 years, Apologetics Press has sought to provide the public with a wide variety of avenues through which to achieve this goal. We have, in fact, amassed scores of audio tracks that contain fascinating insights on many topics. Subjects include apologetics and other matters that demonstrate the truth of Christianity while refuting the errors of skepticism, unbelief, and atheism. And many other topics are addressed that are helpful to sorting out the most pressing issues of life.

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You can listen in your car, office, or at home. You can give one to a friend or co-worker. You can evangelize without saying a word. Have you considered using A.P. audio CDs to build up your family, build up the church, and reach out to non-Christians? In addition to the topics provided in the centerspread of this issue of R&R, call us for a free catalog for additional resources.


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