Another Record Set By the A.P. Web Site

From Issue: R&R Volume 29 #2

For three decades now, Apologetics Press has positioned itself “for the defense of the Gospel” (Philippians 1:16). This goal has been pursued largely by means of the printed page, i.e., monthly magazines, tracts, correspondence courses, and books. We could not have imagined that one day we would have a Web site that would be receiving thousands of hits per day, from countries all across the world. But that is precisely what is happening! In fact, we are grateful to the Lord that 2008 saw yet another record set for “A.P. on the Web,” as we exceeded the four million page-hit mark! We had 4,087,561 page hits last year! Our site averaged over 11,000 hits per day—which translates to nearly eight hits every minute! The stats show that material was accessed by people located in some 130 countries around the world!

Think of it: even if A.P. were never to publish another book, print another tract, produce another television program, or send out another issue of our monthly magazines, the work of A.P. would be worthwhile. Indeed, to place millions of pages of biblical information into the hands of thousands of individuals scattered across the planet is a mission endeavor that merits support.

If you are not familiar with our Web site, we update our site every Monday morning by adding new faith-building articles—in both English and Spanish. All past articles, including past issues of Reason & Revelation, are archived for ongoing access. The Web site features several stimulating categories: Alleged Bible Discrepancies, Bible Bullets, Decisive Designs, E-Books, “In the News” Archives, Research Articles, Scripturally Speaking, Sensible Science, and Home Study Courses. All of the material contained in each section is easily searchable using our state-of-the-art search engine. You can also listen to A.P. radio spots by clicking on “Examine the Evidence,” or shop at our Web Store. You can link directly to both our Spanish site (click on “Versión en Español”) and our children’s site (click on “Discovery for Kids”). [By the way, our Spanish Web site is continuing to build a worldwide audience, as indicated by feedback we receive regularly.] Most of the material generated by A.P.’s crack staff is free of charge and available at our site. A wealth of free information is at your fingertips.

We have no intention of slacking off or slowing down. We intend to “keep up the pace” and work even harder in 2009 to provide the public with cutting-edge commentary on the leading scientific, cultural, and moral issues of our day. Our ongoing objective is to be the source to which people can go in order to receive top-quality, accurate, professional assistance in the field of Christian apologetics. If you have not taken advantage of this outstanding resource, we invite you to do so today: and


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