Announcing a New Book: The Anvil Rings (Volume 2)

From Issue: R&R Volume 25 #6

The April 2003 issue of Reason & Revelation announced the publication by Apologetics Press of Eric Lyons’ new book, The Anvil Rings, which carried the subtitle, “Answers to Alleged Bible Discrepancies.” We suspect that most of our readers could not begin to imagine the number of letters, phone calls, and e-mails we receive, requesting assistance to inquiries related to supposed biblical discrepancies and/or contradictions.

Anvil Rings 2

Truth be told, it is a sim­ple matter for a skeptic or infidel to hurl a barrage of alleged discrepancies at a believer. But it is not always an equally simple matter for a believer to respond. Plus, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that, at first blush, the ac­cuser may “sound right.” What the believer must remember is that, as Charlie Brown (of Peanuts com­ic strip fame) once said to his sometimes-nemesis, Lucy: “You’re not right; you just sound right!”

However, many of the supposed discrepancies cannot be answered with a mere “wave of the hand.” More often than not, they require multiple hours of in-depth research—and an unwavering commitment to Truth. Unfortunately, at times those who are confronted with these so-called errors do not know how to respond, are unwilling to invest the time and effort required to prepare a reasoned response, or already have a faith that is so weak that it crumbles at the first hint of controversy. And that’s where the work of Apologetics Press becomes so critically important.

For volume 2 of The Anvil Rings, Eric has selected additional widely used exam­ples of the most difficult alleged Bible discrepancies, and has performed the type of scholarly research necessary to answer them. This second volume answers, in a thorough and sensible way, numerous questions raised by skeptics: Does God really know everything? Did Jesus condone law-breaking? Where did all of the Flood waters go? Why are three different answers given to the question regarding what a person must do to be saved? Did Jesus cleanse the temple at the beginning or the end of His ministry? Is God the Author of falsehoods? And many others.

Critically examining one’s faith is good (and necessary) if a person wants to have a truly fortified faith. Like volume 1 of The An­vil Rings, this second volume helps arm the Christian for combat by logically answering numerous Bible-related questions. It was written in order to assist Christians in their fight against skepticism and in­fidelity, and to help non-Christians see how logical and reasonable it is to believe in an inspired, iner­rant Bible. Whether you are a plumber or a preach­er, a biochemist or a bricklayer, a student or a secretary, when questions are raised regarding an alleged con­tra­diction between two or more passages of Scripture, this book can assist you in your search for, and defense of, the Truth. We are pleased, and proud, to recommend it, and its author, to you. The book is due to arrive in our offices from the printer by July 15. In this month’s edition of Resources (inside R&R), you’ll find an advertisement about the book, through which you can pre-order your copy. Don’t miss it. Trust us when we say: “It’s a keeper!”


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