You Can Help AP with Every Amazon Purchase

Do you make purchases through Amazon? Were you aware that Amazon allows you to select a non-profit organization, to which they will donate .5% of your purchases? This is another easy way to help AP, without it costing you anything extra. The .5% comes out of Amazon’s pocket, not yours! (Why in the world would Christians not make use of such a simple feature?)

Here’s what to do: from now on, instead of making purchases by going directly to, simply go to instead. Sign in using your usual Amazon account information and then search for “Apologetics Press” in the search bar that pops up. Select “Apologetics Press, Inc.” to set us as the non-profit to which the .5% will be donated.

Keep in mind: in order for AP to receive .5% of your eligible purchases, you must make your purchases through, not through Unfortunately, Amazon has not made an Amazon Smile mobile device app, which means that if you make purchases through Amazon’s app, we will not receive the donation. You must make your purchases through the Web site.

Thanks for the help!


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