Advanced Bible Reader: Incentive for Kids to Read Their Bibles

According to a 2014 Barna Group survey, 46% of Americans do not read their Bibles.1 “Roughly half of all Americans feel the Bible strongly discourages prostitution (58%), homosexual or same-sex relationships (57%), pornography (52%) and gambling (49%)”2—meaning that roughly half of all Americans do not think the Bible discourages such practices. Well over half (57%) cannot correctly name the first five books of the Bible.3 Half of Americans do not agree strongly with the idea that “the Bible contains everything a person needs to know to live a meaningful life.”4 A 2013 Barna Group survey indicated that 22% of Americans believe that Noah was married to Joan of Arc or are not sure whether he was or not; 36% believe Sodom and Gomorrah were married or are not sure whether they were or not; and 52% believe that John the Baptizer was one of the apostles.5 Needless to say, millions upon millions of Americans do not know their Bibles, and the problem is only growing. Many of us realize this to be a major problem that will cause the ultimate demise of our great nation. About one quarter (29%) of Americans believe the moral decline in America is due to “a lack of Bible reading.”6 What can we do about it?

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There is no doubt that the best time to teach people something and have a stronger chance of it becoming engrained in their minds is when they are young—the Bible not excepted. But how can we get children to be motivated and even excited about studying their Bibles when they are young, beyond just commanding them to do so, which at times can have the opposite effect we desire? I don’t know about you, but I am ashamed to say that I did not like to read at all as a kid, much less the Bible—the bulk of which went way above my head.

With our nation’s biblical illiteracy in mind, we want you to be aware of a free resource that Apologetics Press has developed with kids in mind: the Advanced Bible Reader (ABR). As kids (or adults J) read their Bibles and Apologetics Press’ Christian evidences materials for kids, they can sign into their ABR accounts and take quizzes that test how well they understood what they read. They are awarded points for correct answers, and as they reach point mile markers, ABR awards them certificates, which parents or teachers can print out and present to the children as a reward for their hard work (Romans 13:7). At the same time, they are able to compare their scores with the kids in the world who have the most points by checking the “Leaderboard.” Upon reaching 1,000 points, they are given the high honor of being among the few kids in the world who are in the Hall of Fame. At 1,500 points, they are able to be among the even fewer kids who are in the Masters League, and at 2,000 points, they are added to the Champions League—a rare feat, indeed.

Parents, Bible class teachers, etc. can register as “Teachers” as well, and using the “Group Shortname” that ABR assigns them, their students’ or children’s accounts can be tied to theirs. This allows them to monitor the progress of their kids, including seeing which questions they are missing and seeing how close they are to reaching point mile markers. They are also able to reset tests for their kids to allow them to retake those tests if they desire.

Over 2,700 people are currently signed up to use ABR. Are your kids among them? Also keep in mind that Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes allows kids to use ABR as part of their Advanced Bible Reading Program—providing even more incentive to kids to get to know their Bibles and other Christian evidences materials. Why not begin the program today?


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