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In October 1983, two college professors1 submitted a questionnaire to several Bible scholars, inquiring about certain portions of the Scriptures dealing with the Genesis account of Creation, particularly as it relates to time. What follows is the response to that questionnaire that was sent to Dr. Hugo McCord (now deceased), former professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at Oklahoma Christian College. The last two pages of the following scanned document constitute the original questionnaire, consisting of 10 questions, as received by Dr. McCord. The 10 questions address the meaning of the Hebrew words asah and bara, whether Creation was ex nihilo, the meaning of the Hebrew word yom and whether its use in Genesis 1 refers to a literal, 24-hour day, whether time lapses occurred between the days of Genesis 1, whether a time lapse occurred between the first two verses of Genesis 1, or between verse 2 and verse 3, and whether biblical genealogies can be used to establish the age of the Earth. Responses to the questions demonstrate Dr. McCord’s expertise in the Hebrew language.


1 Jack Wood Sears (now deceased) was a professor of biology and Donald England was a professor of chemistry (now retired) at Harding University.

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