A Man Called Peter

The Lord chose Simon to be one of His twelve apostles. He gave him the new name of Peter, which means rock (John 1:40-42). By this name, Jesus was saying, “You will become strong as a rock in my work.”

When Jesus was arrested by the evil leaders of the Jews, brave apostle Peter followed. But, fearing for his life, Peter became weak and denied that he even knew Jesus. Later, when he saw his Lord looking at him, he was very sorry for his sin (Luke 22:54-62). Peter’s sorrow led him to repent (to change his life).

After betraying Jesus, Judas was sorry, but he did not repent. He did not try to turn his life around to serve God (Matthew 27:3-10). Sorrow alone is not the same as repenting. When one is sorry for his sins and changes his way to God’s way, then he has repented.

The apostle Peter truly repented (changed his life) because of his love for God and by his obedience. Though he made many more mistakes, this true disciple of Jesus was sorry for each sin and kept working at making changes in his life until he became strong. Peter even became an elder (a special leader in the church—I Peter 5:1). Peter became the rock that Jesus promised, because he kept on trying!

God loves you and wants you to grow in doing things right (Proverbs 20:11). And one day, you can be like Peter, strong as a rock for Jesus. Keep on trying!


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