A Glimpse of Encouragement

From Issue: R&R Volume 27 #6

Those who labor in the Lord’s Kingdom understand that God deserves all the credit for any good work that is done. As Paul stated about his own labors: “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase” (1 Corinthians 3:6). In fact, in ministry situations, the far-reaching results of the labors are rarely even brought to the attention of those doing the work. But every now and then, workers in the Lord’s Kingdom are shown a tiny glimpse of the impact that the Lord is making with their materials. Such heartwarming glimpses have the potential to encourage workers in the church to “keep on keeping on.” Recently, we at Apologetics Press were blessed with the opportunity to catch such a glimpse. The following text is from an e-mail sent to our offices.

About a year ago I ordered 30 copies of the Truth Be Told to give to my son’s first grade class at a discounted price. After asking the school administration, they allowed me to deliver them on the last day of school and present it as a “present” from my son. This way every student got a copy. I also gave a copy to the school library, the principal, and my son’s teacher. Since then several other teachers have asked where to purchase these books….

The exciting part of this story just occurred a couple of weeks ago. One of the students, now in second grade, brought his copy of the book to school to discuss something in class about fossils. From my son, the teacher told the student that your book could not be true, but the student (who does not attend a church of Christ) informed him that “the book made more sense” than what the teacher had been teaching. It made me feel good that at least one child has been reading the book and that it seemed to be making an impact on his life. I happen to still have an extra copy of the book that I plan to give this teacher. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to afford the books to give to the students. It has made me and my son very proud of what has and may still come of that effort.

To God be the glory for all the good that is being done in His Kingdom. It thrills us to know that God is using our efforts to encourage others to stand for the truth.

Is there a way that you could use our materials to further the cause of Christ? Could you donate them to your child’s class? Could you send some books, tracts, or videos to the library down the street, or mass-mail them to those in your neighborhood? Could you put A.P. tracts on the racks in your church building, or send them in-bulk to summer camps?

It is our prayer that we can multiply our efforts so that “one child” reading our materials will become thousands of children and adults across the globe.


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