A Christian Evidence Course for Your Church, Youth Group, Family or Friend

From Issue: R&R – November 2017

We were recently contacted by a Christian who wanted one of our speakers to come to his congregation to present a series on apologetics. Circumstances did not work for any of us to be able to comply this year, and so I suggested to him that he use our DVDs instead. Granted, it is not the same thing as a live presentation, but it is certainly a good alternative. The sessions are generally about 35-40 minutes each—designed, in part, for use in the very format he desired: Bible class presentations. The remaining class time after each session would be perfect for responding to questions and having further discussion.

The gentleman next asked me if there is a particular sequence that we would recommend that would make the study a more systematic approach to apologetics and Christian evidences. Incidentally, we hope to develop a complete DVD series that does just what he was requesting—essentially a Christian evidences/apologetics video course for a congregation/family. However, in the meantime, the following sequence of Apologetics Press DVDs could be used to introduce Christian evidences and apologetics to a congregation or group:

Substantiate the fact that God exists and Creation is true:

Truth Be Told DVD (six sessions, approximately 40 minutes each).1

Defend the existence of God against modern attacks:

Answering Atheism DVD (six sessions, 25-40 minutes each).2

Science vs. Evolution DVD (eight sessions, approximately 35 minutes each).3

Substantiate the fact that the Bible is inspired of God:

Is the Bible from God? DVD (six sessions, approximately 38 minutes each).4

Defend the inspiration of the Bible against modern attacks:

Is the Bible Reliable? DVD (10 sessions, approximately 30 minutes each).5

Has the Bible Been Corrupted? DVD (nine sessions, approximately 35 minutes each).6

Islam, the Quran, & Christianity DVD (eight sessions, approximately 30 minutes each).7

Substantiate the deity of Christ:

Behold! The Lamb of God DVD (six sessions, approximately 38 minutes each).8

The total run time of the material contained within the above DVDs is roughly 34 hours—59 sessions. That is easily over one year’s worth of weekly Bible classes. Perhaps your congregation, youth group, family, or someone with whom you are studying could benefit from carrying out a systematic study of Christian evidences in this way. As always, be on the lookout for additional useful Apologetics Press DVDs.











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