A “Caring” and “Compassionate” Staff that Murders Children

Because abortion has been legal in this country for over 30 years, we often grow calloused and become desensitized to the heinous nature of the practice. In other articles on our Web site and in our journals, we have dealt with the sinful character of this barbaric action (see Miller, 2003). This brief article that you are reading has as its purpose to bring to the forefront of your mind the moral atrocity that plagues our society, so that we do not forget to take the morally acceptable actions within our power to stop this perverse practice.

In Montgomery, Alabama the capitol of the state and my residence for the last five years, the yellow pages offer at least 7 clinics in which an abortion can be obtained. One of those clinics is the Beacon’s Women Center, a division of Summit Medical Center. On their official Web site, they boast that they have a “Caring and Compassionate” staff, that understands the “unique needs of each patient,” and that offers a “comfortable, supportive and positive experience” (“About Summit Medical…,” 2004).

On the Beacon’s Women Center site, a link is provided to help a young woman understand the abortion procedures that are offered. One of those procedures is listed as a surgical abortion. The description for the procedure reads: “A surgical abortion or vacuum aspiration, is when a doctor, or other clinician, removes a pregnancy from the uterus. The doctor numbs the cervix with a local anesthetic…then removes the pregnancy with suction. It usually takes less than 5 minutes when you are early in the pregnancy” (“Abortion: Which…,” n.d.). Basically, then, a vacuum is inserted into the uterus and the unborn child is sucked out into the equivalent of a medical vacuum bag, and is discarded like dust from the carpet of the clinic—all this done by a “caring” and “compassionate” staff.

The Summit site also offers several testimonials from women who have undergone procedures at the clinic. One woman from Montgomery said: “My first impression was that I was secure and all was in order. The medical staff made me feel comfortable and were very friendly.” Another woman from Bridgeport, Connecticut wrote: “I felt comfortable and supported throughout.” A patient from Detroit, Michigan stated: “Everyone was very nice and helpful. Since I’ve had nobody by my side, you guys were my guardian angels” (“Patient Testimonials,” 2004, emp. added). Notice the underlying idea that runs through each of these testimonials: I felt comfortable, the staff was nice to me, I felt secure, I was protected. Where is the compassion for the unborn child? While the “caring” staff was sucking babies out of their mother’s wombs, what nurses or doctors were the babies’ “guardian angels?” Where was the support and comfort that those innocent babies deserve as human beings? Who was responsible for making the experience of the unborn baby a “comfortable, supportive, and positive one?”

It is a shame to the city of Montgomery, and to our society as a whole, that people who aid and assist in the slaughter of unborn children are labeled as “caring and compassionate.” It is further testimony to the moral desensitivity of our nation when mothers who allow their children to be vacuumed out of their wombs praise the murderers who did the procedure because the mothers felt secure, comfortable, and protected, with total disregard for the innocent life of their child.

We are killing over one million babies every year in our country, vacuuming most of them out of the womb in a procedure that would make many of the things the Nazis did to the Jews look “caring and compassionate.” And yet, we claim to be a people who want freedom and justice for all. When will we see the truth that our hands as a nation are dripping with the blood of innocent children? When will we wake up and take a long look in the mirror to see that we are killing more of our own than are being killed by terrorists, AIDS, war, or drugs? We must recognize that abortion is brutal, barbaric murder, and that those who practice it, or aid in its practice, are murderers who fall directly under God’s condemnation (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). We must open our ears to the cries of the murdered children, who must surely be echoing the sentiments of those martyrs in Revelation: “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” (6:10). Let us open our national ears to heed the warning made by Jesus: “[U]nless you repent, you will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:5).


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