A Busy Summer for AP Personnel

From Issue: R&R – August 2017

The staff of Apologetics Press possesses a deep sense of gratitude to God for His providential care of the organization’s efforts to advance His cause. The summer of 2017 has been a busy one. Activities have included the following:

  • In early June, three members of the professional staff (Eric, Jeff, and Kyle), accompanied by two AP summer interns, attended the “Is Genesis History?” Conference conducted on the Freed-Hardeman University Nashville, TN campus.
  • AP speakers have been crisscrossing the country lecturing and preaching on a wide variety of topics.
  • Jeff attended two creation science conferences—one in California and the other in South Carolina.
  • Two successful AP Summer Camps were conducted and experienced a record attendance, with 250 campers and staff at Week 1 and 220 campers and staff at Week 2—a combined overall attendance of 470. Campers represented over 60 different churches in 11 states, including as far away as North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and even Alaska.  If you know of a 4th-12th grader that desires to attend AP Camp, be sure they sign up as soon as registration opens in 2018, since both weeks fill quickly.
  • Several AP speakers (both fulltime and auxiliary) will be speaking this month at Polishing the Pulpit in Sevierville, Tennessee: Eric, Kyle, and Jeff, as well as Branyon May, Michael Houts, Melvin Otey, and Justin Rogers. Dr. Jeff will conduct a Geology Field Trip to Laurel Falls and discuss how the Great Smoky Mountains were formed according to modern Creation Geology. Dr. May will address Cosmic Design in the Earth-Sun Relationship as well as the Earth-Moon Relationship. He and Dr. Houts will also host a bus trip to Sweetwater, Tennessee where 100% coverage of the August 21 total solar eclipse will occur, while Dr. Jeff will provide instruction in Sevierville where the coverage will be 99.6%.

The entire staff is happy to be so busy in the Kingdom and, in the words of Thomas Ken, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”


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