A Bony Problem

The hard frame of bones which supports the human body is called a skeleton. Our skeleton is inside the body, but many of God’s creatures wear their skeletons on the outside of their bodies. For example, crabs, clams and snails have outside skeletons.

Those who believe in evolution (the idea that all living creatures have accidentally developed from some original form of life) have a very hard time explaining how animals with outside skeletons could have changed into creatures with inside skeletons. That would be a mighty hard job, don’t you think?

The fact is, scientists do not have any proof that this ever happened. They believe that it did, but there is no prooffor that idea. No fossil (preserved animal remains) has ever been found with a skeleton that is half inside and half outside!

One science book, written by an evolutionist, admits this point. “To our knowledge, no `link’ connected this new beast [with an inside skeleton] to any previous form of life.”

It is much wiser to believe that God created animals with different body designs, than to believe that all of the different designs came about by accident.


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