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About Apologetics Press | Auxiliary Writers

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A.P. Scientists and Auxiliary Writers

The central purpose of Apologetics Press is to provide scientifically and biblically accurate information that defends the truthfulness of New Testament Christianity. Specifically, A.P. produces books, articles, magazines, tracts, DVDs, and other forms of media that provide proof for the existence of the God of the Bible, the inerrancy and divine inspiration of the Bible, the creation of the Universe in six days, the creation of the first human beings by the Creator on the sixth day of Creation week, the worldwide Noahic Flood, the errors of the General Theory of Evolution, and a host of related topics that constitute the field of Christian apologetics. In keeping with this prime directive, a select group of Christians, who hold accredited, advanced degrees in various areas, have been assembled to compose A.P.’s team of scientists and auxiliary staff writers. The scholarly articles produced by these authors appear on A.P.’s Web site as well as in A.P.’s flagship publication Reason & Revelation. The present writers include the following:

Staff Scientists

Dr. Joe Deweese Dr. Jerry Fausz Dr. Mike Houts

Dr. Jeff Miller
Dr. Branyon May James Spencer

***Click here for information about the A.P. Scientists Seminar, "By Accident...or Design?"


Additional Staff Writers

Caleb Colley Robert C. Veil, Jr.
Dewayne Bryant Kevin Cain
Earl Edwards Melvin Otey Matt Vega Justin Rogers