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Alleged Discrepancies

Water Here, Water There, Water Everywhere

by Eric Lyons, M.Min.

For evolutionary scientists around the world, the idea of a global Flood is unthinkable. Supposedly, nothing that catastrophic has ever happened on (or to) Earth. Everyone agrees that our planet has had its share of local floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic explosions, but many will not entertain the thought of a miraculous, global Flood.

Yet, year after year, increasingly more evidence points toward a time in Earth’s history when water once covered everything. For more than 150 years, scientists have been unearthing dinosaur graveyards throughout the world—from Tanzania, Africa to Alberta, Canada to Dinosaur, Colorado. The burial of countless dinosaurs in various locations all over the globe demands an adequate explanation. What reason is most frequently given for the existence of ubiquitous dinosaur graveyards? Evolutionists explain most of the largest dinosaur graveyards in the world as having been caused by some kind of a flood (though they are quick to include words such as “seasonal,” “flash,” and “regional”). In truth, however, the global Flood of Noah’s day (as recorded in Genesis 6-8) provides the best explanation for many (if not all) such graveyards throughout the world (cf. Genesis 7:11-12,19). [For more information, see Butt and Lyons, 2008.]

Furthermore, consider the various terrestrial locations of marine fossils found around the globe. Fossilized aquatic arthropods known as trilobites “have been found on every continent and subcontinent” (Gon, 2008). From Morocco to Wales, from Oklahoma to Utah, many thousands of these fossilized marine animals have been unearthed in arid areas. Marine fossils have even been found in the Himalayas (see “Mt. Everest,” n.d.). In Kansas, scientists recently discovered the jawbone, teeth, and scales of a shark, which they estimate to have been over 32 feet long (see Walker, 2010). Other than having a few lakes, Kansas is a very dry place. What scientists know, however, is that Kansas, Oklahoma, and many other arid places on Earth, were once covered by water.

Atheists, evolutionists, and skeptics continue to ridicule the idea of a worldwide, catastrophic flood, but such a flood adequately explains the existence of a myriad of fossils around the world. Marine fossils obviously demand water. And scientists credit flooding (albeit “localized”) with countless other fossil sites. When you put it all together, adding what the Bible (Genesis 6-8) and history (see Butt and Lyons, 2008) have to tell us about the matter, it should be clear: the Bible is right—“all the high hills under the whole heaven” were once covered with water (Genesis 7:19).


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