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Inspiration of the Bible

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Has the Bible Been Corrupted?—Audio

by  Dave Miller, Ph.D.

[Part One] How often have you heard people say—“You can’t be sure you have the Bible in its original form. The Bible has lots of errors and mistakes since it was written and transmitted over several thousand years.” Both Mormons and Muslims claim the Bible has been corrupted in transmission. Atheists and modernists have waged an aggressive war against the Bible for over a century. They have succeeded in undermining public confidence in the authenticity of the text of the Bible. What does the evidence show?

[Part Two] The second installment recaps the categories of evidence that verify the integrity of the New Testament. The transmission process is explained in terms of the types of unintentional errors that naturally entered into the manuscript copies that were generated through the centuries.

[Part Three] This installment identifies additional causes of textual variants among the Greek manuscripts as they were produced by scribes and copyists through the centuries. The "errors" are easily decipherable, enabling the student to recognize the original reading by the inspired writer as God intended, thus verifying the integrity of the text of the New Testament.

[Part Four] Installment #4 in the series continues an examination of the kinds of textual variants that characterize the extant Greek manuscripts that underlie the text of the New Testament. Perusing samples of these "errors" demonstrates that the majority of such variants pertain to minor matters, and the few that are of more significance do not affect doctrine. Dr. Miller leads the listener through an analysis of an actual textual variant in order to show how one may arrive at the original reading.

[Part Five] The final installment in the series offers additional textual variants to further underscore the fact that the vast majority of manuscript differences pertain to minor matters and may be easily deciphered. The integrity and authenticity of the text of the Bible has not been undermined by the transmission process. We can know we have the Bible as God intended!

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