22 New AP Tracts

From Issue: R&R – May 2021

Over the years, as the work at Apologetics Press has grown, we have striven to introduce products that can be used to present Bible teaching in a wide variety of instructional settings. Few of our products have proven to be as popular a teaching tool as the Apologetics Press Tract Series. The tremendous value of Bible tracts has been demonstrated repeatedly through the years. Tracts offer the average person an opportunity to grasp the truth of a basic Bible doctrine quickly and easily. A.P. has specialized in providing people with assistance on specific topics that fall within the purview of Christian apologetics and Christian evidences.

We have just released 22 new tracts that promise to be of great value in defending the Faith, evangelizing the unevangelized, and strengthening the diligent Christian. The cover artwork is attractive, and the titles are intriguing and thought provoking. Consider stocking up on these tracts to use in your own efforts to evangelize those you encounter. For example, what about leaving a tract on the table every time you eat in a restaurant? Or enclosing a tract in the same envelope you use to pay a bill? Or leaving one at your doctor’s office?

A new feature of many of our tracts is the inclusion of a QR code on the back of the tract that allows you to download a pdf of the entire tract onto your electronic device. Reasonably priced, these tracts are intended to tantalize the secular mind in hopes of assisting a person to face the truth.


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