2022 Bound Volumes

From Issue: R&R – January 2023

The 2022 bound volumes of our two monthly magazines are now complete and ready for shipment from our offices. These bound volumes enable the articles contained therein to remain relevant far beyond the time period during which they were authored. The 2022 bound volume of Reason & Revelation contains timely articles on such topics as: The Integrity of the Biblical Text; More Unfossilized Evidence of “Dinosaurs” Living in the Recent Past; More Evidence that the “Junk” DNA Argument Is Junk;  Are Tuskless Elephants Evidence of Rapid Darwinian Evolution?; Who Killed King Saul?; Why So Long for the New Testament to Be Written?; Young People Leave Faith Because They Believe Christianity Is Anti-Science; Abortion and the Bible; Micah and Bethlehem; “Unknown Tongue”?; Exploring Virus Mutations and Evolution Using SARS-CoV-2; Monkey Pox: Homosexuality Is Bad for You and God Called It Again; A Biblical Response to Cancel Culture; Jesus’ Furrowed Back; and more.

As always, this beautifully bound, annual collation contains all 12 issues for the year, as well as an author/title index and attractive cover. Previous volumes from 1995-2006 are still available. See the center spread for pricing.

Additionally, the 2022 bound volume of Discovery, our monthly magazine on Scripture and science for children, now is available. During 2022, Discovery contained articles on such relevant topics as: The Blue Whale; What Makes Jesus Different; The Dung Beetle; The Believable Bible; Layers of Learning in the Grand Canyon; Dogs; Did Jesus Claim to Be God?; Embryos and Similarity; and many others. Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons serve as editor and associate editor of Discovery, respectively, and do a marvelous job in presenting themes and topics that build the faith of children and insulate them against unbelief. We also have in stock bound volumes for 1998-2006.

Please be reminded that for both Discovery and Reason & Revelation, whenever the bound volumes go out of print, they are gone forever; we do not reprint them, order your copies soon. Bound volumes of Reason & Revelation and Discovery make extremely useful additions to personal, church, or school libraries. They also make valuable gifts for youngsters, men who are attending a preacher-training school, or students in college. Why not consider giving a single volume (or, better yet, an entire set) to someone for his study and edification?


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