2018 Bound Volumes

From Issue: R&R – January 2019

For many years, we have arranged for our two monthly journals to be placed into a beautifully bound volume to enable readers to store their past issues on a shelf. The bound volumes for 2018 have arrived in our offices and are now available for purchase. These bound volumes provide a convenient assemblage of all 12 issues published for the year. The bound volume of Reason & Revelation for 2018 contains articles on such topics as:

  • Did Paul Endorse Slavery?
  • Babel: More Historical Confirmation of the Bible
  • Falcons, Guided Missiles, and God
  • The Teleological Argument for the Existence of God
  • “The Sun Stood Still”—Really?
  • If “the Life of the Flesh is in the Blood,” is Conception When Life Begins?
  • Bible Inspiration: The Crucifixion Clothes
  • Jephthah’s Daughter and Symbolic Sacrifices
  • Making a Brief Case Against Evolution and For Creation to the School Board
  • The Isaiah Seal
  • Introduction to Christian Evidences for Christians
  • Bats Go Viral and Moses “Called” It
  • Do Science and Scripture Harmonize? Yes (Obviously)
  • God, Abraham, & Child Sacrifice
  • What About Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?
  • Letting the Bible Explain Itself
  • Should Jesus Only Be Called “Yeshua”?
  • Baptism and the Greek of Matthew 28:19-20
  • Science and the Bible
  • Where Did “Jehovah” Come From?
  • “Separation of Church and State”?
  • Do Visions Still Occur?

And much, much more.

Also now available is the 2018 bound volume of Discovery, our monthly magazine on Scripture and science for children. During 2018, Discovery contained articles on these timely topics: The God-Approved View of Animals; Islam; The Earth and Moon; Parables of Jesus; Dinosaurs; Biomimicry; Beauty; Archaeology and the Bible; Science and the Bible; God and Money; Evolutionary Dating Methods; and the Flood.

As always, these beautifully bound annual collations include an author/title index and an attractive cover. Bound volumes sell for $14. Previous volumes of R&R from 1998-2017 (excluding 2016) are still available at $5 each. Previous volumes of Discovery from 1999-2017 (excluding 2001-2003) are still available also at half price.

<<Order R&R bound volumes Here>>     <<Order Discovery bound volumes Here>>

Have you given some thought to donating bound volumes of Reason & Revelation and Discovery to personal, church, or school libraries? They also make valuable gifts for children, men who are attending a preacher-training school, or students in college (especially those majoring in either Bible- or science-related fields). Why not consider giving a single volume (or, better yet, an entire set) to someone for their future study and edification?


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