2016 Bound Volumes

From Issue: R&R – January 2017

The 2016 bound volumes of our two major magazines, Reason & Revelation and Discovery, are now available. These beautifully bound annual collations contain all 12 issues for the year, as well as an author/title index and an attractive cover. The R&R bound volume sells for $12. Previous volumes from 1998-2015 are still available at half price ($6 each). The Discovery bound volume sells for $14. We also have in stock some Discovery bound volumes for some of the years from 1999-2015 for $7 each.

Last year’s R&R contained the following articles: Why People Suffer; God’s Providence and the Problem of Evil; Should Christians Favor Accepting Syrian Refugees?; The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God; The Cambrian Explosion: Falsification of Darwinian Evolution; Should the Quran be Taken Literally?; Apologetics and the Growth of the Early Church; 13 Objections to Baptism; Could There Have Been Any Death Before the Fall?; “No Proof of God…But the Universe Might Just Be a Simulation”?; Why Doesn’t God Appear to Us and Prove that He Exists?; God, the Founders, and the Purpose of Human Government; Atheism and Free Will; U.S. Presidents on Islam; Homosexuality and Transgenderism: The Science Supports the Bible; Sexual Deviation Prior to Political Correctness; What Does the Bible Say about Having a Sex Change?; The Date of Daniel: Does it Matter?; and Are Christians “Homophobic”?

Last year’s Discovery magazine addressed the following subjects: Arctic/Antarctic Animals; Dinosaurs; Introduction to the Bible: Genesis-Exodus; Amazing Skin; Alleged Bible Discrepancies; Noah’s Ark; Introduction to the Gospel Accounts; Amazing Animals; Existence and Godhood of Jesus; The Fall Season; Space; Being Giving and Kind.

Remember that for both Discovery and Reason & Revelation, whenever the bound volumes go out of print, they are gone forever; we do not reprint them. So be sure to order your copies soon.


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