2015 Bound Volumes Now In

From Issue: R&R – January 2016

Bound volumes for our two monthly magazines for 2015 have arrived in our offices and are now available for purchase. These bound volumes provide a convenient assemblage of all 12 issues published for the year. The bound volume of Reason & Revelation for 2015 contains articles on such topics as: 3 Good Reasons to Believe the Bible is from God; Newsweek Article’s Attack on the Bible; Assumptions and the Age of the Earth; “Islamophobia”?; Hobbit Man: Another Blunder; Strongest Argument Against Mark 16:9-20; Which God Exists?; Did Jesus Break the Sabbath?; Big Bang Inflation Officially Bites the Dust; Sediba: Yet Another Paleo-Blunder; Reasons to Believe in Jesus; 3 Good Reasons to Believe the Bible Has Not Been Corrupted; Big Bang False. Eternal Universe True?; Does Yom Endorse an Old Earth?; Does Horizontal Gene Transfer Support Evolution?; Mosaic Authorship of the Joseph Story; The Trinity; Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Worship of Jesus; Homo Naledi; Is Gap Theory Linguistically Viable?; and more. As always, this beautifully bound annual collation includes an author/title index and an attractive cover. The bound volume sells for $12. Previous volumes from 1998-2014 are still available at half price ($6 each).


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Also now available is the 2015 bound volume of Discovery, our monthly magazine on Scripture and science for children, priced at just $14 for all 12 issues. During 2015, Discovery contained articles on these timely topics: Dinosaurs; Social and Ethnic Groups; How We Got the Bible; Design in Animals; Apologetics; Slugs and Snails; Existence of God; Dr. Jeff’s Trip to the Grand Canyon; Faith and Knowledge; Bioluminescence; Theory of the Evolution of Man; Baptism and Temptation of Jesus. We also have in stock bound volumes for 1999-2014 for $7 each.

Be aware that for both Discovery and Reason & Revelation, whenever the bound volumes go out of print, they are gone forever; we do not reprint them. So be sure to order your copies soon.

Have you given some thought to donating bound volumes of Reason & Revelation and Discovery to personal, church, or school libraries? They also make valuable gifts for children, men who are attending a preacher-training school, or students in college (especially those majoring in either Bible- or science-related fields). Why not consider giving a single volume (or, better yet, an entire set) to someone for their future study and edification?


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