$200K Matching Challenge

The Lord has blessed AP over the years with such wonderful support from our donors. Because of selfless individuals, AP has been able to provide materials that assist in accomplishing the missions of the Kingdom. It does not escape us that we are heavily dependant on financial support provided by individuals like yourself. In fact, it gives us great joy that we are able to work side-by-side in this service, each playing a crucial part.

We are pleased to announce that AP has been given a unique opportunity and challenge. A pledge of $200,000 has been made as a matching campaign. That is, for every dollar we raise, a donor will match that dollar, essentially doubling our potential for funding and increasing our ability to work for the Kingdom. From now through December 31st, we will be working tirelessly to raise the promised 200K in order to receive the maximum amount pledged.

Here are some ideas:

How to donate: