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Discovery Magazine 7/1/2003

Now That's a Horse of a Different Color

by  Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

I have a sweet tooth that absolutely loves ice cream. It was my love of ice cream that eventually caused me to grow a coat of fur on my arm. You see, every time I would buy ice cream at the supermarket, my arm would get cold from reaching into the freezer. As a result, my body grew thick fur to protect my arm. Sound ridiculous? Well, evolutionists often use this same kind of logic to explain many characteristics of animals—such as the long necks of giraffes. Charles Darwin speculated that the giraffe had a long neck, because it stretched high into the tops of trees looking for food as the lower leaves gradually vanished from dry seasons or were eaten by other animals. Darwin believed that the environment “selected” and rewarded longer-neck giraffes over time. We know today, of course, that sticking your arm in a freezer a bunch of times, or eating leaves from the tops of trees, won’t cause a furry arm or an extra-long neck. Not only is this silly and unscientific, it is also very misleading.

This is not the only time evolutionists have used poor logic to explain weird characteristics in animals. One of the most commonly presented “proofs” of evolution is a series of horse-like animals. Using a hodge-podge of fossils, evolutionists claim that the modern horse can be traced back to a tiny, four-toed, fox-like animal named Hyracotherium(sometimes called Eohippus) that is said to have lived about 60 million years ago. Supposedly, the animal started out only 24 inches tall, and evolved into the modern-day horse, which stands more than 6 feet high! And to top it all off, it lost all of its toes in the process! The truth is that the horse series was constructed from fossils (found in many different parts of the world) that do not fit together. For instance, the animals have different numbers of ribs and vertebrae, but they were supposed to have evolved from one another? Nonsense! As the carriage driver exclaimed while driving Dorothy and her friends around in the Emerald City in the Land of Oz, “that, my dear, is a horse of a different color.”

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