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Discovery Magazine 8/1/2009

Mammals, Dinosaurs, and the Fossil Record

Evolutionists have long taught that mammals evolved millions of years after the reptiles. And, once mammals came on to the scene, allegedly millions of years after the dinosaurs supposedly evolved, all the mammals were “small, mostly about mouse-sized, and rare.” In fact, we are told that for the first 150 million years of their existence, mammals “were never able to get beyond little ratlike things.”

But, as so often is the case, when more evidence is gathered, evolutionary “facts” become outright errors. Four years ago, the fossils of a mammal “20 times larger” than what evolutionists believed to be possible were reported to be in the same fossil beds as the dinosaurs. Another fossilized mammal discovered in the same area actually had the remains of a five-inch dinosaur in its stomach. What does this prove? Only that mammals much larger than “little ratlike things” not only lived with dinosaurs, but even ate some of them for breakfast.

One year after scientists reported about the dinosaur-eating mammal, another mammal fossil find was revealed. This time it was of a furry beaver-like animal. What was so special about this mammal? Evolutionists confessed that the animal lived long before they previously thought such swimming mammals lived—before many of the dinosaurs lived.

For about 100 years, science textbooks, museum exhibits, and many movies have all taught that the mammals which lived with dinosaurs were small, about the size of a shrew. Yet, just a few fossil discoveries in the last four years have overturned all that evolutionary scientists formerly thought about mammals and dinosaurs.

Evolutionists are wrong about the origins and
development of mammals. Mammals did not evolve from reptiles, and mammals certainly were not separated in time from the reptiles by many millions of years. As the Bible teaches and as these few fossil discoveries have shown, the theory of evolution is based on unproven assumptions, incorrect calculations, and extremely exaggerated periods of millions of years. The truth is, God created mammals, reptiles, and all other animals only a few thousand years ago on days five and six of Creation.

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