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Discovery Magazine 2/1/2007

Who Eats That?

by  Tommy Hatfield

Most kids in America would probably say their favorite foods are hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza. I know that’s what I always asked my mom to make for dinner when I was younger. Truthfully, you might even think it strange if somebody said they didn’t like these foods. But what if you sat down to dinner and fried crickets were on the menu? Or maybe you had jellyfish on your plate? NOW THAT’S WEIRD! Who would want to eat such strange things? The truth is, fried crickets and jellyfish are actual foods enjoyed by people in Australia and Japan. They seem strange to you and me because we don’t live in the countries where they are commonly served as food. If you were to move to a foreign country where they ate these “strange” things, over time you would become accustomed to the native foods of that region, and soon they would not seem as unusual as they once did. Many families who travel overseas get to experience many interesting foods because they are exposed to new and different cultures.

There are many other differences between people of two countries, especially those separated by great distances. For instance, it is interesting that most countries serve their meals at a table and sit in chairs, but there are some cultures where the table is very low to the ground. Instead of sitting in chairs they simply sit on the floor. Even though two groups of people from opposite sides of the Earth enjoy very different foods and eat in different ways, they have one important thing in common. No matter what a person eats, we must recognize God is the ultimate provider of all things. Genesis 1:29 tells us that on the sixth day of creation God told humans they could eat fruits and herbs. The reason we are able to enjoy the wonderful things we eat is because God has blessed us richly. Next time you have a dish of your favorite food, take time to thank God for His marvelous blessings.

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