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Discovery Magazine 9/1/2005

Louis Pasteur Proves Life Comes From Life

by  AP Staff

Many young people today choose to believe in evolution because they get the feeling that “all smart scientists believe in evolution.” The truth is, however, there are thousands of brilliant men and women who reject the theory of evolution, choosing rather to believe in creation. In fact, one of the brightest scientists who ever lived believed that God created the Universe and everything in it. His name was Louis Pasteur, the same scientist who disproved spontaneous generation in the 1860s.

In addition to discovering many of the disease-causing germs that can cause harm to both humans and animals, Louis Pasteur also was responsible for developing vaccines to combat them. Have you ever heard of rabies (a disease that causes certain animals to go mad)? Or have you ever heard of diphtheria (an infection that can cause us as humans to get very sick and die)? Louis Pasteur helped invent vaccines for both of these terrible diseases. Today, most young children in America receive a shot of diphtheria vaccine to protect them against the disease.

Pasteur was a man who firmly believed in God, and who was not afraid to let others know of his belief, especially as he grew older. The more marvelous his discoveries, the more humble he became, because he knew that he was studying the things God created in nature. When people asked him about his faith, he told them that the more he learned from science, the stronger his faith in God became. An atheist of our generation, who also was a scientist, called Pasteur “one of the greatest scientists in history.” Indeed, he was a great scientist, with a strong belief in God. We need more boys and girls, and men and women, who, like Dr. Pasteur, are not ashamed to stand up for their belief in God!

Even though we should not believe in creation just because Pasteur (or any other brilliant scientist) believed in creation, we also should never let those who believe in evolution get away with saying that all the smart people believe in evolution. That simply is not true. There have been (and still are!) many God-believing scientists.

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