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Discovery Magazine 4/1/2005

What’s A Mother Do?

by  Rhonda Thompson

On day six of the Creation week, Eve became the first wife for the first man. Sometime later, she became the first mother. Eve was very special because God gave her the ability to give birth to children, as well as the awesome responsibility of helping her children grow up. God expects mothers today to take their responsibilities very seriously, too.

I hope that girls reading this issue of Discoveryare already thinking about being good Christian mothers when they grow up. And, boys who are reading this month’s issue should be planning to marry women who will be good mothers to their children. What are some of the things that make a good mother?

First and most important, a good mother loves God with all her soul, mind, and strength (Matthew 22:37-38). She loves God more than anything or anyone, and it shows in everything she does. 

A good mother teaches her children to love and obey God. She must teach them (through-out everyday of life) how God wants them to live so that they can go to heaven (read Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

Of course, a good mother loves her children, and she shows her love by what she says and how she acts towards them. She supports and encourages her children, and never plays favorites. She loves her children enough to discipline them. Sometimes discipline includes punishment of some kind, because children don’t always know how to make good choices by themselves. Mothers have to teach their children to do what is right.

A good mother makes sure that she is a good example for her children. She reads her Bible often and goes to worship services and Bible class regularly. She is careful not to wear clothes that are too tight or too short. She doesn’t use bad language. She doesn’t smoke, do drugs, overeat, or get drunk on beer or wine. A good mother doesn’t do the bad things she tells her children not to do.

Mothers aren’t perfect; like Eve, they make mistakes. But good mothers do their best to obey God’s Word and to give their children good examples to follow.

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