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Discovery Magazine 8/1/2004

Snake Legs, Whale Legs, and Evolutionists: All “Stumped”

by  Matthew Vanhorn

Whales are amazing creatures. The smallest whales are only eight and a half feet long, while the biggest whale, the 110-foot-long blue whale, is bigger than any of the dinosaurs were! Whales are unique, in that they are marinemammals (most mammals live on land). Whales cause big problems for evolutionists, because evolution says that all mammals evolved on land and then moved into the ocean, after they evolved the special features required for underwater life. Evolutionists support their idea by pointing out that some whales have tiny “legs” that were supposedly once used for walking, but are of no use anymore. Scientists claim that the legs of whales are “leftovers” of evolution.

Hillary Mayell wrote in National Geographicthat today’s sperm whales have vestigial hind legs. But the legs that Mrs. Mayell claimed are useless actually do have a purpose. The tiny hind legs of the whale help it to reproduce. Evolutionists themselves are forced to admit this. The fact is, God created things to serve a purpose, and the whales’ “legs” are no exception.

Evolutionists often try to find what they want to find, and many times end up ignoring the actual facts. This is what some scientists do concerning snake “legs.” Snakes have what appear to be the “stump” of legs toward the back of their bodies. Evolutionary scientists claim that snakes were once lizards, but due to the processes of evolution, they lost their legs, and now they are left with nothing but short, useless limbs that simply “stick out.” This is untrue.

Scientists have discovered that, like the whale, the snakes’ “legs” aid in their reproduction. But also, snakes use these short legs in fighting. Amazing! These “vestigial” organs are not vestigial at all. They all serve a purpose. Evolution couldn’t make everything “just right.” But God, the Great Designer, leaves nothing off, and has nothing left over.

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