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Discovery Magazine 8/1/2004

No Bones about it!

by  Taylor Richardson

You are at the dentist’s office getting a regular checkup. The dentist comes in and tells you that your wisdom teeth will need to be removed. You ask why they need to be removed, and what they are used for?

Wisdom teeth (the third row of molars) are one of the most controversial of all the so-called vestigial structures. Evolutionists believe that wisdom teeth developed thousands of years ago, when humandiets consisted mostly of raw and unprocessed food that required the extra chewing and grinding power of a third set of molars. Today, some evolutionists call wisdom teeth vestigial structures because they say that the human jaw is getting smaller, and wisdom teeth are no longer needed. Some people experience problems with their wisdom teeth growing improperly, and the teeth have to be removed. However, many people have healthy, useful wisdom teeth. Research in recent years has shown that wisdom teeth have the same chewing function as other teeth. Scientists also have found that wisdom teeth often will not damage the position of other teeth in the mouth.

Another so-called vestigial structure in the human body is the coccyx. The coccyx is attached to the lower end of the backbone, and consists of three to five (usually four) fused vertebrae. Evolutionists believe this is an undeveloped tail, and use it as “proof” that humans came from creatures like monkeys. Supposedly, the coccyx serves no other purpose. These evolutionists also say that if the living body had really been created, it would have no useless organs in it, like the coccyx. We now know, however, that the coccyx has a purpose that is very important in human development. The coccyx serves as a point of attachment for several pelvic muscles that help us stand up.  Like the shocks on a car, the coccyx also is used as a shock absorber when we sit down. Without it, we would not be able to sit very well
or comfortably.

 Wisdom teeth and the coccyx are not vestigial at all—they both have specific purposes, and point to the design of a Creator.

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