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Discovery Magazine 7/1/2002

Check Mate

by  Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

On Friday, March 24, 1995, an Intel Supercomputer named Socrates beat Grandmaster Gennady Sagalchik in a game of chess by using only 56 moves. Following the match, headlines proclaimed that a machine had beaten a man. Is it true that machines are better than the human brain? Are computers going to replace humans one day? Walk into any office, hospital, or even grocery store and you will find yourself surrounded by machines. We use computers almost every day (they even played a major part in getting this article to you). But we all know that computers didn't arrive on this planet by mere chance. Computers require someone designing and manufacturing them before they can be turned on and used. In comparison, the human brain is better and far more complex than the very latest computers available. A computer is great at processing, and even can out­ perform some humans in many arithmetic or statistical problems (such as a game of chess). But when is the last time a computer grabbed a pencil to compose a short story or a poem? How many computers are capable of taking a piece of wood, carving it into the shape of a violin, and then sitting down to play our National Anthem? It has been said that if we learned a new fact every second, it would take three million years to completely fill the human brain, and yet evolutionists say the brain “just happened."

Evolutionists don't give that squishy gray matter much credit. They like to "simplify” the brain down to the level of modern-day computers. They point out that the human brain can rapidly process, store, and recall bits of information just like computers. Also, many evolutionists compare the nerve cells in the brain to the wiring found within computers. However, the inner workings of a computer involve one thing-electronics. The brain, however, relies on chemical reactions, and does far more than recall and store information. Your brain also provides you with memories, emotions, and the ability to communicate using language. We also know that the human brain can reason and think-because we possess "self-awareness." Computers aren't self-aware, they can't reason, and they don't work well unplugged! They have an incredible capacity to carry out multiple tasks-but not without the programming and instruction from "self-aware" humans. Plainly put, the brain isn't merely an advanced computer­ it's the result of an Intelligent Creator.


If we found this laptop sitting in the middle of the forest, we would not say that natural forces produced it "by accident." How can anyone think that natural forces "just happened "to produce the amazing human brain?

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