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Discovery Magazine 3/1/2002

The Bible on Trial

by  Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

When lawyers go to court, they always like to have plenty of evidence that supports their case. Likewise, when we look at the Bible, we need to see plenty of evidence that it came from God. Anyone can sit down and write a book. So what makes the Bible more than “just another book”? What evidence would a lawyer use to prove that the Bible came from God? Well, he’d definitely call to the stand all of the scientific information that was recorded in the Bible long before men discovered it on their own. Hidden deep within the pages of the Bible are examples of scientific information that we have only recently discovered to be true. For instance, most people in the past considered the bottom of the oceans to resemble your local swimming pool or farm pond—very smooth and level. It wasn’t until the Challenger expedition (1873-1876) started the first scientific exploration of the ocean floor that a canyon 5 1/2 miles deep was found in the Pacific Ocean. However, the prophet Jonah recorded the existence of these underwater mountains and valleys thousands of years before the Challenger expedition (Jonah 2:5-6).

Also, long before much was known about the shape of the Earth, the prophet Isaiah recorded that the Earth was in fact circular (Isaiah 40:22), and Jesus even spoke of the coming judgment when some will be sleeping at night, while others will be at work in the fields or grinding (Luke 17:34-36). How could this be unless the Earth is round, which would cause some to experience darkness at the same time others are experiencing daylight?

The Bible also describes the winds of the Jet Stream that produce many of our weather patterns (Ecclesiastes 1:6). Long before men had airplanes to help map out rivers and valleys, it was already known that rivers run to the sea and yet the sea does not fill up (Ecclesiastes 1:7). People who study the oceans have determined that the seas have natural paths in them, something—the Bible recorded many years earlier (Psalm 8:8; Isaiah 43:16). The Bible even speaks of the water cycle that we now know exists (Amos 9:6; Job 36:27-28). And the Bible recorded the fact that there are freshwater springs in the middle of the oceans (Job 38:16), even though we had not created submarines to discover these springs until fairly recently. Clearly, the evidence proves that the Bible is not “just another book.” Inspired writers, some of whom recorded scientific information long before men discovered it, wrote the Bible. It is truly the Word of God. Case closed!

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