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Discovery Magazine 12/1/1993

The Mystery of Animal Natures

Job was a good and wise man who lived many years before Christ was born. God allowed Job to suffer many things so that this great man could show the good character which he possessed. Job maintained an unwavering faith in God through all his troubles (see Job 13:15).

At times, though, Job became a bit weak, and he would question the way the Lord was doing things. So, God decided to give Job an examination (Job 38-41). It was a series of very hard questions. These questions were designed to show Job that there are many things in the world that humans do not understand. Since this is the case, neither Job, nor we, should be disputing with the Creator about how He is running the world.

One of the questions raised by God had to do with the different natures that certain animals have. For example, there was the "wild ox," who was so different from the domesticated (tame) ox. Why could one of these creatures (the tame ox) be used for farming the land, while the other (the wild ox) could not be trusted for such chores (Job 39:9-12)? Job did not know, and there are still many unanswered questions about this that we do not fully understand.

Why are horses and zebras so different in nature? Do leopards and cats have the same disposition? Why are some creatures more responsive to being tamed than others? It seems to be the case that God designed certain creatures to be more easily adaptable to man's immediate use than others are. On the sixth day of the creation week, God made "cattle" (the word is very broad and can include many kinds of domestic animals) and He also made the "beasts of the earth" (Genesis 1:24,25). This would include things like tigers and bears. Though some of these creatures can be trained, they are still very dangerous.

God's creation is wonderful in so many ways. The more we learn of the Earth and its creatures, the more we are impressed and thrilled with the power and wisdom of our Maker. He has spoken to us through the Bible. Let us study this holy Book and learn more about Him.

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