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Discovery Magazine 9/1/2017


Often called “the weeping prophet,” Jeremiah’s preaching career lasted more than 40 years through five Judean kings. He endured mistreatment, including beatings and imprisonment. Some even plotted to kill him because of his predictions from God. Commanded by the Lord not to marry, Jeremiah was around 20 years old when he began his ministry during the reign of Josiah.

After Josiah’s death, hardships began. Under Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah, Jeremiah suffered cruel opposition. When the Babylonians captured Jerusalem in 586 B.C., Jeremiah was freed and permitted to remain in Jerusalem. However, he was abducted by rebellious Jews and taken to Egypt. Yet, even there, he continued to fulfill his prophetic responsibilities in accordance with God’s will. Though his work required the delivery of stern messages of warning and threats of judgment, Jeremiah was actually a sensitive and sympathetic man.

Central Theme:

The primary purpose of Jeremiah was to announce the judgment of God upon the extremely sinful nation of Judah. The kings and the people needed to be warned repeatedly of the certain outcome of their continual rebellion against God. Babylonian captivity was the just and certain result of their national disobedience. Yet even in the midst of depressing warnings and scathing rebukes, Jeremiah provided glimpses of hope, restoration, forgiveness, and future blessings.


1 Call and commission of Jeremiah
2-45 Pronouncements against Judah
46-51 Pronouncements against the nations
52 Babylonian captivity fulfilled



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