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The fact that the young man had
not read the Bible utterly demol-
ished any credibility he may have
had. Of course, the atheist was
misrepresenting what the Bible
says. In no legitimate way does the
Bible compare to a pornographic
magazine. But the young student
could do nothing to defend the
Bible because he had not read it.
Suppose that question were asked
of you? Could you respond that
you have read the Bible? Or would
you be shamed into silence and
forced to walk away as you listened
to an enemy of God revile His pre-
cious Word. How in the world can
Christians always be ready to give
a defense to everyone who asks
them a reason for the hope
that is in them (1
Peter 3:15), if those
Christians have
not read the
Bible in its
In Romans 2, Paul explained to
the Jews that their sinful lives were
causing the Gentiles to speak evil
of the God of Israel. He scolded
them in harsh terms when he
wrote: “For ‘The name of God is
blasphemed among the Gentiles
because of you’” (Romans 2:24). In
a similar way, the modern skeptical
community delights in pinpointing
“Christians” living sinful lives, or
being so apathetic to the teachings
of Christ that they do not care
enough to read the Bible. Let it
never be said of you that your stand
for the truth was rendered useless
to the cause of Christ because you
could not honestly say that you had
read the Bible in its entirety. “Hear
the word of the Lord…. My people
are destroyed for lack of knowl-
edge” (Hosea 4:1,6).
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Students Encourage Christians
to Exchange Their Bibles for…
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