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A.P. Talking Points
• Received 14,800,000
page views in 2013 from
individuals located in 196 countries and territo-
ries worldwide (approx. one electronic page view
every 2 seconds).
• Over 12,000 likes on the A.P. Facebook page from
45 countries
• Over 3,000 signed up to use the A.P. curriculum
A.P. Writers/Speakers:
• Faithful Christians who hold a combined 20
graduate level degrees in relevant scientific and
religious areas, including 8 doctoral degrees.
• Spoke in a combined 124 cities, 21 states, and 6
foreign countries in 2013
A.P. Materials:
• An immense amount of defense related mate-
rials published each year for adults, teens, and
Reason & Revelation
of Christian evidences; books; tracts; correspon-
dence courses; weekly Web articles; seminar and
debate DVDs; Bible class and VBS curricula;
Valor & Virtue
magazine for teens; monthly
magazine for kids; Learn to Read books
and infant Creation Cards; and
Digger Doug’s
television show for kids.
• In 2013, A.P. donated over $71,000 worth of
materials to those in need, including many public
school students and incarcerated individuals.
Apologetics Press, Inc.
A non-profit organization that produces materials and
conducts live seminars in defense of New Testament
Christianity. Topics frequently discussed include the
existence of God, the Creation/evolution controversy,
the inspiration of the Bible, Christianity vs. world reli-
gions, the deity of Christ, the culture war in America,
and biblical doctrines.
A.P. is unique among evangelistic efforts in its focus and notable
outreach. Help the cause by making use of our materials and
spreading the word about A.P. whenever you can.
For more issues of
(800)234-8558 or visit
A.P.’s Facebook page
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